Beyond La Mer is a curated collection of timeless, travel-inspired pieces for the modern adventurer.
Beyond La Mer was created by Mar Briones, world traveler and author of The Adventureist travel + lifestyle blog. The collection is inspired by her travels, born out of her passion for expression in any language, in any culture, and in any outfit.  
Her boutique features unique pieces that are meant to be collected so you can stand out in every adventure - whether jetsetting halfway around the world or finding your center at home. 
Beyond La Mer's designs are a delicate mix of classic and modern, avant garde and nostalgic. The modern adventurer spends her time in between time zones and eras, and this collection empowers her to be ready for every voyage through space and time.
Most importantly, 10% of all profits are donated to The Adventure Projects - a foundation dedicated to empowering youth through travel.
For those who voyage far beyond the stars and near beyond the moon, this collection is for you.